Mallorca 312 and the Tour de Yorkshire

May 3, 2017, 4:07 pm


A tenuous connection perhaps; but two things that amaze me…. The crowds in Yorkshire supporting the pro races (mens and womens) and the crowds of people out in Mallorca watching 6500 amateur cyclists doing a sportive around the Island …. Cheering and applauding until late in the evening… with feed stops in Lloseta and Arta… seeming to involve the whole town having a party…. And I can understand why the Pros love riding in Yorkshire because anyone cheering you on gives you a silent boost; everyone cheering you on gives you a fantastic boost.

And did I need it….any boost was a good thing!

Mallorca 312 was conceived as a day ride around the island on open roads (ie Traffic as well); it is is now a closed road event and follows the mountain range from Pollensa in the North down to Andratax and back in the foothills to Campanet before turning through the old roads to Manacor/Arta and back to the finish- a total distance of 312 kms (194 miles or the equivalent of Newcastle to Wetherby (and back) with c 15000ft of climbing thrown in!)

So the day begins at 5.. banana and Weetabix (eaten out of a cup- I’d manage to smash the bowl I’d borrowed from breakfast the previous night)… a 15km ride pre-dawn to the start… the 45 minute wait to start.. and your off…. The mountains were lovely (to look at) but not to climb… the roads are good and that helps… descending is more akin to kamikaze stunts – I don’t hang around descending but some of the Spanish guys were simply mental….50mph plus!

You climb through the mountains… across to Andratax.. you climb again… you do some descending.. and your at halfway…  legs ok but road quality not as good… you get to the point where people doing the Mallorca 225 turn for home and you carry on..legs ok-ish but the mind goes a bit suddenly the group of 15 becomes 2.. the roads are narrower, you’re not sure where you are, the landmarks aren’t as familiar…. You arrive in Manacor ( I thought I was in Arta- and ready for final straight)- you go back onto the decent roads and do the drag into Arta… Arta at last and then my garmin dies… no time indication/speed etc…

I loved the final 10k whether it was frustration or whatever… the roads are at a gradient that suits me including the lumpy ups and downs… I put it in the big ring and went for it… so exhilarating so go down the final straight at speed…… it was a long hard day in the saddle, I was disappointed with my time…I had lost an hour or so based on my expectations… but to finish 1073 out of 1701 finishers I’ll take that….

And then I cycled back to the hotel… my first 200 mile day!!

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On the 24th June 2017, the Tour de Force riders will start cycling from Dusseldorf. Whether cycling two or more days, this is a heroic undertaking. It will hurt!