Sudocrem and Negative Pints

April 13, 2017, 12:43 pm

The nights slowly get lighter, it gets a bit warmer, the motivation to get out of the house on the bike increases; in many ways, March is where it all begins in earnest.


Key achievements:


1 stone barrier reached…..but not breached. Weight loss has stalled, but fitness continues to improve. Even taking a tactical approach to weight measuring (in a morning and after a visit to the bathroom…..) it hasn’t pushed past the stone barrier. Persistence though.


100km ride……blasted out on a Saturday morning before the match……the Fulham match, where Newcastle royally had their pants pulled down. Don’t worry though, in Rafa we trust.  Still, I was in negative pints so I tipped in 4 Doom Bars afterwards as consolation. Very sensible.


Saddle sores…….never experienced these before but, they are not cool. Not only do they look like you’ve poured boiling water onto your no mans land regions, they are incredibly uncomfortable. So I did the only thing a man could do……I marched straight into Boots for some wet wipes and sudocrem. Did the job no bother. More chamois cream needed in future though.


First trip up Crawleyside……..on a beautiful Saturday morning, Neil and I took a nice ride down to Stanhope and back over Crawleyside. Not easy, manageable…..but it is steep. Very steep. A confidence builder though.


I’ve also taken to watching the spring classics on Eurosport on Sunday afternoons.  250km days, cobbles, short sharp climbs reaching 25% gradients, crashes galore.  It’s addictive and inspiring.  I like to think of myself as Tom Boonen, in terms of riding style and looks, obviously (sans beard, the older Tom Boonen looks like me I reckon).


The first sportive on Easter Sunday is looming.  I can’t quite think of a tedious Easter/Jesus/cycling/climbing gag to crowbar into the blog so I’ll just say I’m looking forward to testing myself on the Ministry of Defence ranges.  Plan is to get myself into at least 8 negative pints so I can fully enjoy the Easter break like everyone else.


Have a good one, The Quest to Become the Knightside Chris Froome continues…



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On the 24th June 2017, the Tour de Force riders will start cycling from Dusseldorf. Whether cycling two or more days, this is a heroic undertaking. It will hurt!